Disrupting Basketball, Thiel-Gawker Follow-up, Intel and ARM

The Golden State Warriors are kinda sorta disrupting basketball, and making plenty of enemies in the process, which segues to a follow-up on Peter Thiel and Gawker. Then, Intel and ARM have dueling releases that show just how different they are.

Daily Update: Intel Reportedly Buying Altera, Tim Cook’s Op-Ed

Good morning, I got a ton of responses about the Weekly Wrap-up, with probably about 75% in favor. To be clear, I have no intention of turning the Daily Update into YAENWABOLASWC (Yet-Another-Email-Newsletter-With-A-Bunch-Of-Links-And-Some-Witty-Commentary). Some weeks just happen to be busier than others, and I have a lot of opinions ;). Anyhow, I really appreciate the […]

Daily Update: The Content Creator Opportunity, Firefox’s “Strategic Choice”, Qualcomm to Build ARM Server Chips

Good morning, I wrote a new piece on Stratechery yesterday that will arrive in your mailboxes soon. In short, I heard from many, many readers that they preferred to receive posts in their email along with the Daily Updates. If you would prefer to not receive emails about posts on the main blog, please hold […]

Daily Update: Buzzfeed Raises $50 million, NVidia’s Results and Gaming’s Resilience, Apple University Profiled

Good morning, I got really annoyed at the mainstream media last night, which perhaps makes me especially favorable to today’s first item about Buzzfeed. On to the updates: Buzzfeed Raises $50 million From the New York Times: BuzzFeed just closed a new $50 million investment from Andreessen Horowitz, a prominent venture capital firm in Silicon […]

Level3 and Internet Congestion, Dropbox Data Leak, Microsoft Surface

Good morning, Here are today’s updates: Level3 and Internet Congestion Level3, one of the largest Tier 1 network providers in the country, wrote a blog post called Observations of an Internet Middleman: The average utilization across all those interconnected ports is 36 percent. So you might be asking – what is all the fuss about […]