An Interview with Okta CEO Todd McKinnon About Security in Supply Chains

Good morning, I have long been very focused on identity; it’s one of the reasons I was a very early Facebook bull in the consumer space, but the concept is equally if not more important in the enterprise space. Owning identity was one of the keys to Microsoft’s dominance, but the shift to cloud apps,Subscribe […]

Mulesoft IPO, Okta S-1, Cohort Analysis in S-1s

Mulesoft and Okta are two examples of companies that are not just software-as-a-service companies themselves, but enablers of more. That should make traditional vendors nervous.

Instagram’s Algorithmic Feed, Apple and the Cloud, Microsoft and Okta

Instagram is changing the feed, and even though users say they don’t like it it’s the right decision. Plus, why Snapchat may be a threat. Then, two pieces of news about Apple and the cloud, both good and bad. Plus, Microsoft is still competitive, and rightly so.

Okta is a Unicorn, BlackBerry Acquires Good Technologies

Okta is an important company in part because what their existence says about Microsoft’s challenges in the enterprise space. Plus, Blackberry acquires Good Technology, making them the market leader in device management.