An Interview with Lisa Ellis about Payments

An interview with Lisa Ellis about payments, including Paypal, Adyen, and Stripe, and the coming battle between online and offline providers over omnichannel.

Google’s Impressive Earnings, Ebay’s Uncertain Future

Google had great results that were impressive not just from a dollars and cents perspective, but also from a strategic perspective. Plus, brief thoughts on Ebay as it spins off Paypal.

Airbnb’s Externalities, Sharing and Culture, PayPal Acquires Xoom

Yesterday’s discussion of Airbnb was in part focused on the broader implications of the sharing economy. Truthfully, though, Airbnb deserves more attention for its externalities — it is in many ways more radical than Uber. It’s also not clear it will work in every culture.

Then, a brief discussion of Paypal and Xoom and how different degrees of trust require different types of business models.

Daily Update: PayPal and Square, Facebook Payments?, Samsung: What Now?

Good morning, As I note below, I finally posted my PayPal article. Check it out! On to the update: PayPal and Square Yesterday I wrote on Stratechery about how PayPal is destined to grow increasingly irrelevant as innovation in the payments space moves to merchant account-based purchases: PayPal’s success in solving the peer-to-peer problem hasSubscribe […]

PayPal’s Incentive Problem

By winning on the web, PayPal was actually disadvantaged when it came to competing in mobile, because its incentives were already shaped by a different problem.

Daily Update: eBay and PayPal, Poor Pebble, Intel Caves to GamerGaters

Good morning, The eBay/PayPal piece I keep promising has turned into something bigger, and it’s not done yet, so I’ve gone ahead and done some more straightforward analysis of the deal below; I think it’s a good move. I did want to follow up on the Box item yesterday to make two points that ISubscribe […]