Daily Update: Apple Watch Preview, On the Apple Edition Price, The Pebble Time

Good morning, In case you missed the email, the Seattle meet-up will be at the Elysian Bar located at 1516 2nd Avenue in Seattle. I have a reservation for 5, but will try and arrive by 4:30 so that we have more time (I do need to run at 6:30). I’m still working on theSubscribe […]

Daily Update: eBay and PayPal, Poor Pebble, Intel Caves to GamerGaters

Good morning, The eBay/PayPal piece I keep promising has turned into something bigger, and it’s not done yet, so I’ve gone ahead and done some more straightforward analysis of the deal below; I think it’s a good move. I did want to follow up on the Box item yesterday to make two points that ISubscribe […]