Pinterest S-1, Zoom S-1, The Enterprise-Consumer Flip-Flop

Pinterest’s S-1 shows why too much funding can be bad for startups, while Zoom’s S-1 shows the benefits the come from being great. That, by extension, is a result of the enterprise and consumer markets flip-flopping.

Daily Update: Sony Launches PlayStation Vue TV Service, Pinterest Valued at $11 Billion, The Pangea Alliance

Good morning, I know yesterday’s post was a bit long, but I hope useful. As for Twitter/Meerkat, I still plan on writing it, but probably around the time Periscope comes out. There’s nothing particularly timely about my take. On to the update: Sony Launches PlayStation Vue TV Service From The Verge: Sony’s attempt to competeSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Christmas Gifts for Startups

Good morning, Happy New Year! As I noted last week, The Daily Update is on a reduced schedule for these two weeks, with updates on Mondays and Tuesdays only. There will be no update from December 31-January 2. The regular daily schedule will resume on Monday, January 5. Today continues Christmas gifts for tech companies:Subscribe […]

Publishers and the Smiling Curve

Publishers used to live at the point of integration. The value of that integration, though, is gone with the Internet, which means value flows to suppliers and aggregators.

Daily Update: Xiaomi Releases Tablet, Pinterest Raises $200m, Zendesk IPOs

Good morning, I am pleased to announce that you can now purchase and manage multiple licenses for the Stratechery Daily Update (or Update & Access): There is a 10% per-license discount for 2 or more licenses These accounts may be set up and managed centrally or on an individual basis Volume licenses are only availableSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Pinterest Promoted Pins, ISPs and Net Neutrality, The Right to Be Forgotten

Good morning, There will be some big news on Stratechery about what I’m doing with podcasts, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, to the update: Pinterest Launches Promoted Pins From Techcrunch: Last fall, Pinterest announced it would begin experimenting with advertisements on its service in the form of “Promoted Pins,” whichSubscribe […]