Cable’s Last Laugh

Cable companies survived the great unbundling thanks to selling Internet service; they may be best place to make the bundle of the future.

HBO Max Launches, Amazon and Roku, Apple in 3rd

HBO Max is confusing because of negotiations with cable carriers, which is expected, and negotiations with OTT resellers, which perhaps was not. Then, is Apple making a move?

Daily Update: Sling TV, The Interview Makes $15 Million, Roku’s Smart TV Play

Good morning, Tuesdays are when I usually post my big article for the week, but this week’s has been delayed until tomorrow, so a Daily Update it is. And just as good: there were a couple of very interesting announcements yesterday at CES. On to the update: Sling TV From The Verge: What is SlingSubscribe […]

Black Box Strategy

With the announcement of the Amazon Fire TV and the leak of the alleged Android TV, all of the major players have (or soon will have) a TV offering. There’s been a lot of talk about how similar the products are, but those similarities are for good reason; what is more interesting to me are […]