Chat and the Consumerization of IT

What does the consumerization of IT even mean? Workplace by Facebook, Skype Teams from Microsoft, and Slack offer three definitions.

Amazon Echo Expands, The Nest Failure, Microsoft and Slack

There are a lot of useful lessons to draw from Amazon Echo’s early success, particularly when placed in contrast to Google’s Nest. Microsoft should pay heed if in fact they had a chance to buy Slack.

Voters Decide Follow-up, Slack Raising Money, Quitting Slack

Follow up on my article about Aggregation Theory and politics, and then a discussion of the import of Slack’s latest fundraising and why “Quitting Slack” stories aren’t representative.

Slack Follow-up, The WeChat Platform, Uber and Facebook Messenger

More on Slack’s platform opportunity, which can be compared to what WeChat has already accomplished in China. That said, the fact way that China is truly mobile-first means that it’s likely that no one — including Facebook Messenger — will fully imitate WeChat’s model.

Summer Update, Slack Strong, The Dropbox Cautionary Tale

Slack has more numbers out, and while from a certain perspective the company still seems small, a step back reveals just how significant the opportunity is. Still, nothing is guaranteed, and Dropbox happens to offer a very useful cautionary tale.

Daily Update: Xiaomi and the U.S.; Slack, Momentum, and Microsoft; David Carr Passes Away

Good morning, As I noted last week, I will be off next Thursday and Friday for Chinese New Year. In addition, I’m still working on the spam issue, although I understand yesterday was better. I appreciate your patience. On to the update: Xiaomi and the U.S. The Wall Street Journal captured the news with theirSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Getting Xiaomi All Wrong, How is Slack Worth $1.2 billion?

Good morning, Let’s get to it – on to the update: Getting Xiaomi All Wrong Xiaomi’s financials (it is a private company) were leaked to the Wall Street Journal: A confidential document viewed by The Wall Street Journal shows that Xiaomi’s net profit nearly doubled last year, making it a lucrative business in an industrySubscribe […]