The FBI Unlocks the San Bernardino iPhone, Sony to Make a New PS4?

The FBI has successfully unlocked the San Bernardino iPhone. Now the question is if they will say how. Still, I think this debate will now go away for quite a while. Then, Sony is making a new PS4 which makes sense given the changing market, even though it’s risky.

Meetup Information; LinkedIn Beats, Slumps; Samsung’s Shift Continues; Sony’s Specialization

LinkedIn and Samsung both had negative reactions to their earnings, but both are in the middle of a shift to a better position going forward; Sony’s results were worse on an absolute basis but better received because they’ve already gone through the hard work of focusing on what works.

Plus, meetup information for Chicago, New York, and Madison

Evernote Seeking New CEO, E3 and the End of Exclusives, Playstation Vue’s “A La Carte” Offering

In a shocking — but perhaps not surprising — announcement Evernote CEO Phil Libin said the company would be seeking a new CEO. How well is Evernote doing, and will they ever become a private company?

E3 Day Zero was also yesterday, and while Sony in particular had some compelling announcements for an old guy like me, how sustainable is the current console business given the end of exclusives? Also, Sony’s Playstation Vue announcements sounds like a big deal, but they’re really not interesting at all.

LinkedIn Misses, Sony’s Retreat

Good morning, The promised update to Stratechery is imminent — if all goes well, it will happen in the next 24 hours. I will include more details in tomorrow update, but the primary impact on subscribers is minimal. Specifically: Your Stratechery login will be your email address, not your old username The first time youReading […]

Daily Update: Sony Launches PlayStation Vue TV Service, Pinterest Valued at $11 Billion, The Pangea Alliance

Good morning, I know yesterday’s post was a bit long, but I hope useful. As for Twitter/Meerkat, I still plan on writing it, but probably around the time Periscope comes out. There’s nothing particularly timely about my take. On to the update: Sony Launches PlayStation Vue TV Service From The Verge: Sony’s attempt to competeReading […]

Daily Update: Sling TV, The Interview Makes $15 Million, Roku’s Smart TV Play

Good morning, Tuesdays are when I usually post my big article for the week, but this week’s has been delayed until tomorrow, so a Daily Update it is. And just as good: there were a couple of very interesting announcements yesterday at CES. On to the update: Sling TV From The Verge: What is SlingReading […]

Daily Update: The Silver Lining in Sony and Target, Iowa Launches Smartphone Driver’s License, Xiaomi Banned in India

Good morning, There have been some really great discussions on the Stratechery Forum over the last week. If you haven’t stopped by, do check it out. Please note, if you have login issues, make sure you use your member name, not email address on the login page. I’m hoping to address some of the siteReading […]