Atlassian Files for IPO, Square Prices IPO Below Last Round

Atlassian is a very remarkable company, particularly from a financial perspective. In fact, they may be so unique that they are one of a kind — and that has risks. Plus, most folks are drawing the wrong lessons from Square’s IPO pricing.

Daily Update: PayPal and Square, Facebook Payments?, Samsung: What Now?

Good morning, As I note below, I finally posted my PayPal article. Check it out! On to the update: PayPal and Square Yesterday I wrote on Stratechery about how PayPal is destined to grow increasingly irrelevant as innovation in the payments space moves to merchant account-based purchases: PayPal’s success in solving the peer-to-peer problem has […]

Daily Update: Square Retrenching, Tencent Crushes Earnings, Cisco and the NSA

Good morning, In case you missed my announcement, I’m moving forward with Stratechery’s originally planned podcast, called Exponent. You can get all of the relevant feeds and links at Exponent.FM. On to the update: Square Retrenching Earlier this week Square withdrew Square Wallet from the app store and launched a new service called Square Order. […]