Stratechery 4.0

The newest version of now explore the site via concept, company, or topic, or use dramatically improved search functionality. Plus, a new logo!

Five Years, Facebook’s Apology, Facebook’s New Scandal

First, a reminder that social media has big benefits, before diving back in to Facebook’s burgeoning scandal; it seems clear the company doesn’t understand exactly what it is facing.

Books and Blogs

Blogs are no longer a writing platform for new entrants; they are better than books for the ongoing development of ideas.

Stratechery Gifts and Announcements, Apple Open-Sources Swift

Stratechery gift subscriptions are now available, plus an important site announcement. Then, we all knew Apple was going to open-source Swift. What was impressive was how the company went about doing it; hopefully it will prove to be an example for a clearly divided company.

Welcome to Stratechery 3.0

Welcome to Stratechery 3.0! Stratechery 1.0 was the launch of this blog in March 2013; Stratechery 2.0 the launch of the Daily Update in April 2014. Stratechery 3.0 is perhaps less transformative from a business perspective, but it’s a substantial reworking of the technological underpinnings of Stratechery that should put the site in a good place to both scale more reliably and support new initiatives down the road. This update is about the changes, why I made them, and how you can provide feedback.