Stratechery 4.0

The newest version of now explore the site via concept, company, or topic, or use dramatically improved search functionality. Plus, a new logo!

Five Years, Facebook’s Apology, Facebook’s New Scandal

First, a reminder that social media has big benefits, before diving back in to Facebook’s burgeoning scandal; it seems clear the company doesn’t understand exactly what it is facing.

Books and Blogs

Blogs are no longer a writing platform for new entrants; they are better than books for the ongoing development of ideas.

Stratechery Gifts and Announcements, Apple Open-Sources Swift

Stratechery gift subscriptions are now available, plus an important site announcement. Then, we all knew Apple was going to open-source Swift. What was impressive was how the company went about doing it; hopefully it will prove to be an example for a clearly divided company.

Welcome to Stratechery 3.0

Welcome to Stratechery 3.0! Stratechery 1.0 was the launch of this blog in March 2013; Stratechery 2.0 the launch of the Daily Update in April 2014. Stratechery 3.0 is perhaps less transformative from a business perspective, but it’s a substantial reworking of the technological underpinnings of Stratechery that should put the site in a good place to both scale more reliably and support new initiatives down the road. This update is about the changes, why I made them, and how you can provide feedback.

Blogging’s Bright Future

Blogs may not be the only means of expression on line, but they are a more viable as a business for writers focused on niches than ever before.

Differentiation and Value Capture in the Internet Age

The implication of the Smiling Curve is not only that aggregators have increased economic power, but that differentiated suppliers do as well; Omni Software is an example.

An Update on the Stratechery Membership Program

Last spring I wrote a series about the future of journalism: Part 1: FiveThirtyEight and the End of Average – link Part 2: The Stages of Newspapers’ Decline – link Part 3: Newspapers Are Dead; Long Live Journalism – link In the third installment I wrote: More and more journalism will be small endeavors, often […]