Media Monday: Bill Simmons vs ESPN, Spotify and the Content Hierarchy, Periscope and Piracy

Today’s Daily Update is all about the media:

– ESPN will not renew Bill Simmons’ contract, which leads into a discussion of the value of individual brands, particular writers, and how that value can best be captured
– Not all content is created equally, which helps explain Spotify’s surprising decision to diversify
– Periscope presents a unique challenge to sports in particular

Daily Update: Apple Watch’s Bad Messaging; On Meerkat, Periscope, and Bad Journalism

Good morning, There will be a new Exponent later today; James and I discussed BuzzFeed and the Brother Orange story as well as the Amazon Dash Button and Home Service. On to the longer-than-usual Daily Update. I got a little rant-y. Apple Watch’s Bad Messaging Speaking of podcasts, I was on John Gruber’s The TalkSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Was I Wrong About Cyanogen?, Weekly Wrap-Up

Good morning, I’m trying something new: a weekly wrap-up where I touch-on a few interesting stories that I didn’t have room to address more fully. But first a bit of a brain dump. On to the update: Am I Wrong About Cyanogen? I concluded yesterday’s newsletter by writing: The truth is that for normal consumersSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Miraculous Meerkat, GigaOm Goes Out of Business

Good morning, I’m back in Taiwan, and it’s good to be home. I’ve fallen dreadfully behind on email in particular, so if I haven’t responded to any of you (I always respond to member emails sent to the membership account) please hold tight – I’ll get to it. My apologies, and thanks for your patience.Subscribe […]