Walmart and the Multichannel Trap

Walmart wasted years trying to retrofit their model to ecommerce. Buying will give them a better chance, but it’s almost certainly too late to compete with Amazon.

Jeff Bezos at the Code Conference, Recent Amazon News

Jeff Bezos gave a great interview at the Code Conference, and while the whole thing is worth watching, I wanted to highlight a few items that touched on Stratechery topics. Plus, three recent Amazon stories that show how the company is winning.

Daily Update: Cloud First, Taking on Amazon, A Teenager’s View on Social Media Follow-Up

Good morning, I’m writing this update on a plane headed to Beijing for tomorrow’s Xiaomi announcement. My plan is to write about the experience of the keynote for tomorrow’s Daily Update, and then hopefully I’ll have a special treat for Friday – stay tuned. In addition, please excuse any delays in response or on theSubscribe […]

Daily Update: The Twitter Enigma, Amazon Follow-up, CEO Raises $50 million

Good morning, A quick heads up re: meetups for Access members. The time and location of Friday’s New York meetup has been finalized and should be in your Inbox. If you didn’t get the email or wish to join, please follow up with me directly. Same with Chicago and Madison. As for the update, ISubscribe […]