The Google Squeeze

Google, the real Aggregator, is squeezing OTAs, which acted like Aggregators while depending on Google for demand. It’s easy to say Google is being unfair, but this may be better for consumers.

The Bill Gates Line

Understanding the differences between aggregators and platforms matters for companies interacting with them and also regulators considering antitrust.

Facebook’s Impressive Consistency, Yelp’s Employee Problem

Facebook consistently delivers good results, which is why they get a lot of leeway from investors. Perhaps the latter aren’t as irrational as everyone thinks. Plus, Yelp’s big problem, and why it might affect Twitter.

Yelp is for Sale, Fitbit Files for IPO, HERE Maps Update

In today’s Daily Update:

– Yelp is for sale. I discuss the problem with Yelp’s advertising business, as well as who might buy them and why
– Fitbit is filing for an IPO. The company has some impressive numbers, and they are an interesting contrast to a company like Yelp. However, the Watch is coming…
– An update on the HERE Maps bidding