Apple Earnings, Shopify Earnings

Apple’s earnings were fine, with a notable Services spike — is it from Google? Then, Shopify is back to the basics, and looking good for it.

Google Earnings, Microsoft Earnings, AI Leverage

Google’s ad business looks good, but the cloud is slowing; Microsoft’s results suggest that is because the latter is winning in AI.

ESPN Financials, NBA Spin, Jon Stewart vs. Apple

ESPN has released its financials, which show why they haven’t yet signed a new deal with the NBA. Amazon might bid, but the NBA’s product isn’t as compelling for streaming as it is for cable.

Unity CEO Out, Microsoft Owns Activision

John Riccitiello is out as Unity’s CEO, but the circumstances of his exit may have done the company a favor. Then, Microsoft finally owns Activision, and the outlines of the deal are a win for everyone except the FTC.