Facebook’s Earnings, Microsoft’s Earnings

Amazon Health was not about the health insurance industry, but about Amazon. Then, Facebook’s earnings were stronger than most appreciate (and as predicted), while Microsoft’s hybrid strategy continues to pay off.

The Uber Endgame, Unchanging Uber, Uber Justice

The Uber endgame has arrived, and the events of last week showed what should happen — even if they might not. Plus, Kalanick’s fatal flaw and broader questions for all of tech.

Apple’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Both Apple’s strengths and weaknesses were on full display at its annual WWDC keynote; the HomePod is a perfect example.

Disney and Differentiated Content, Snap and Hardware

Disney may have differentiated content, but they don’t necessarily have the right business model, and may not get there. Then, could Snap really end up being a hardware company?

Alexa: Amazon’s Operating System

Money is made at chokepoints, and the most valuable chokepoints are operating systems; Amazon is building exactly that with Alexa.

Fake News

Facebook is under fire for fake news and filter bubbles; they are a problem, but most of the proposed solutions are far worse.

Netflix’s Earnings, The Apple Car Reset

Netflix had a good quarter, but even more important is that the company continues to exemplify aggregation theory. Then, the Apple Car is getting a reset; this may be the beginning of the end.

Google and the Limits of Strategy

Google went wrong in the past by abandoning their horizontal business model; are they repeating their mistake, or does the future give them no choice?