The Battle for the Home

Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook are battling for the home; what are their strengths, weaknesses, go-to-market strategies, and business models, and who is the favorite? Or does it matter?

Facebook Earnings, Microsoft Earnings

Amazon Health was not about the health insurance industry, but about Amazon. Then, Facebook’s earnings were stronger than most appreciate (and as predicted), while Microsoft’s hybrid strategy continues to pay off.

The Uber Endgame, Unchanging Uber, Uber Justice

The Uber endgame has arrived, and the events of last week showed what should happen — even if they might not. Plus, Kalanick’s fatal flaw and broader questions for all of tech.

Apple’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Both Apple’s strengths and weaknesses were on full display at its annual WWDC keynote; the HomePod is a perfect example.

Disney and Differentiated Content, Snap and Hardware

Disney may have differentiated content, but they don’t necessarily have the right business model, and may not get there. Then, could Snap really end up being a hardware company?