The Future of Podcasting

Podcasting is stuck between the open model of the past and the push for monetization in the future. Might there be a third way that actually benefits publishers?

Tesla Skepticism and Superchargers, Medium for Publishers

Just because Tesla is achieving an Apple-like brand doesn’t mean they will have Apple’s success: the hard part starts now. Plus, why SuperChargers are a big deal. Then, Medium for Publishers is Medium’s play to own the long tail of publishing, and it’s very exciting in what it enables.

Kanye West and Tidal, The Problem with Exclusivity, Pandora for Sale?

Kanye West says his new album will be available exclusively on Tidal, which doesn’t make sense for consumers or for West as either a businessman or an artist. Then, Pandora is yet another advertising-based business to feel the heat, and it’s exacerbated by backwards-looking labels

The FANG Playbook

The FANG companies — Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google — are far more similar than you might think. Their rise in value is no accident, and it is connected to Aggregation Theory.

Grantland and the (Surprising) Future of Publishing

ESPN’s decision to close Grantland seems to be more evidence that there is no future outside of massive scale or one-man operations. Bill Simmons’ recent successes, though, suggest that the answer could be the exact opposite.

What is Medium Doing?, Facebook Updates Notes

Medium just raised $57 million on a relatively modest valuation, but lots of folks aren’t still sure what the company is trying to accomplish: today I give it my best shot. Plus, Facebook has updated Notes, which look a lot like, well, Medium posts. The appearance, though, isn’t what will make them succeed or fail.