Fake News

Facebook is under fire for fake news and filter bubbles; they are a problem, but most of the proposed solutions are far worse.

Facebook Versus the Media

Facebook is in trouble with the media again, guilty of stupidity by apathy. Still, the media itself hasn’t exactly caught up with the reality of the Internet.

A Technical Glitch

Facebook Live is likely a lot more meaningful than Facebook expected: it’s a plus for society, but Facebook should expect more scrutiny. Given that, they have work to do when it comes to transparency.

Peter Thiel, Comic Book Hero

What Gawker did to Peter Thiel is inexcusable, but Thiel’s response is threatening to the industry that made him rich in the first place.

Voters Decide Follow-up, Slack Raising Money, Quitting Slack

Follow up on my article about Aggregation Theory and politics, and then a discussion of the import of Slack’s latest fundraising and why “Quitting Slack” stories aren’t representative.

The Voters Decide

An apolitical analysis of what is happening in U.S. politics through the lens of Aggregation Theory