Daily Update: Apple and Disruption, Chromebooks Surpass iPads, Chromecast Surpasses Apple TV

Good morning, A short update today, followed by a request for feedback. On to the update: Apple and Disruption There is a new piece on Stratechery called Best. In summary: Low-end modular-based disruption is real, but it can be forestalled if the integrated incumbent can consistently deliver a superior user experience (i.e. be the “best”) […]

Daily Update: eBay and PayPal, Poor Pebble, Intel Caves to GamerGaters

Good morning, The eBay/PayPal piece I keep promising has turned into something bigger, and it’s not done yet, so I’ve gone ahead and done some more straightforward analysis of the deal below; I think it’s a good move. I did want to follow up on the Box item yesterday to make two points that I […]

Daily Update: Twitter is Great for Unprofitable News, Microsoft’s Chromebook Response, Google to Offer Accounts to Children

Good morning, To be perfectly frank, it’s quite difficult to focus on writing these updates; mid-day here is midnight in Ferguson, and Twitter is incredibly compelling. So we’ll start there. On to the update. Twitter is Great for Unprofitable News Mathew Ingram wrote an article exploring why the news in Ferguson is being experienced so […]

Smartphone Truths and Samsung’s Inevitable Decline

For me, anyway, the most surprising thing about Samsung’s disappointing earnings was just how surprised many folks seemed to be. The smartphone market is a massive one, but also rather predictable if you keep just a few key things in mind: Everyone will own a smartphone – I don’t think this is controversial, but it’s […]

Daily Update: Google I/O – Analysis on Every Announcement

Good morning, It’s the day after the Google I/O keynote, and I believe the actual presentation has concluded but I really should check to make sure… In all seriousness, this year’s presentation was actually shorter than last year’s, but no less ambitious. Like I did after WWDC, I’m going to spend this update running through […]

Daily Update: Satya Nadella at the Code Conference, Google’s Self-Driving Car Video, Intel to Work with Rockchip on SoC

Good morning, I mistakenly made yesterday’s Daily Update available to everyone; I promise you that was not intentional, and apologize for lowering the value of your subscription for even a day. I also wrote about the ongoing dispute between Amazon and the publishers in a piece called Publishers’ Deal with the Devil. Amazon also released […]

Daily Email (2014-04-22): Microsoft, Cloud Services, and Amazon

Good morning, I’m making good progress on finding a solution to making this content readable in RSS readers and web browsers for those of you who hate email. In the meantime, if you click the “Open in Browser” link at the top, you can not only read this content in a browser, but also subscribe […]

The Nokia X

It’s real, and the Verge had a hands on: As expected, [the Nokia X, X+ and XL] combine Lumia-style design with low-cost hardware aimed at the masses, from a large 5-inch screen on the 109-Euro XL to the 4-inch display on the 99-Euro X+. The X will be released for just €89 in Eastern Europe, […]

What Clayton Christensen Got Wrong

Clayton Christensen continually predicts that Apple will be disrupted because his theory does not incorporate the importance of the user experience.