Regretful Accelerationism

The Internet removed constraints from the analog world, and AI is finishing the job. That this may be the final blow for the Internet as a source for truth may ultimately be for the best.

Attenuating Innovation (AI)

Innovation required humility about the future and openness to what might be possible; Biden’s executive order proscribing AI development is the opposite, blocking progress and hindering the solutions to our greatest challenges.

ESPN Financials, NBA Spin, Jon Stewart vs. Apple

ESPN has released its financials, which show why they haven’t yet signed a new deal with the NBA. Amazon might bid, but the NBA’s product isn’t as compelling for streaming as it is for cable.

China Chips and Moore’s Law

Moore’s Law is not yet dead, nor is Moore’s Precept, even if AI computes differently. Addressing both is the key to succeeding with the China chip ban.

Unity CEO Out, Microsoft Owns Activision

John Riccitiello is out as Unity’s CEO, but the circumstances of his exit may have done the company a favor. Then, Microsoft finally owns Activision, and the outlines of the deal are a win for everyone except the FTC.

FTC Sues Amazon

The FTC is suing Amazon, and some of the complaints are compelling, but ultimately not convincing.