WannaCry About Business Models

WannaCry is yet another systematic breakdown in security: the blame, though, is less with Microsoft and end users — nor the government — but rather a mismatched business model.

The FBI Unlocks the San Bernardino iPhone, Sony to Make a New PS4?

The FBI has successfully unlocked the San Bernardino iPhone. Now the question is if they will say how. Still, I think this debate will now go away for quite a while. Then, Sony is making a new PS4 which makes sense given the changing market, even though it’s risky.

Apple, the FBI, and Security

Apple versus FBI is being framed as a debate between privacy and security. In fact, though, there is a powerful argument to be made that Apple’s position is the more secure one for the United States.

Intel and the Delay in Moore’s Law, Another Android Vulnerability

Moore’s Law has officially hit a slow-down. The more important question is why — and it is necessarily as bad a thing as we expected? Plus, the latest Android vulnerability points to a big Apple advantage and the implications of tradeoffs.