Apple, the FBI, and Security

Apple versus FBI is being framed as a debate between privacy and security. In fact, though, there is a powerful argument to be made that Apple’s position is the more secure one for the United States.

Intel and the Delay in Moore’s Law, Another Android Vulnerability

Moore’s Law has officially hit a slow-down. The more important question is why — and it is necessarily as bad a thing as we expected? Plus, the latest Android vulnerability points to a big Apple advantage and the implications of tradeoffs.

Daily Update: More Amazon Bear Signals; Dropbox Hacked, Sort of…; Snapchat Too

Good morning, To the update! More Amazon Bear Signals Earlier this year I detailed why I’ve become an Amazon bear in Losing my Amazon Religion. With regards to Amazon’s convoluted plan to drive e-commerce through original video and the Fire phone I questioned: So what exactly is going on? Why is Amazon building vertical devices […]

iCloud and Apple’s Founding Myth

From a certain perspective, what is happening to Apple this week is unfair. Both OS X and especially iOS are more secure than their competitors, and Apple has regularly prioritized security over features that customers have demanded. For example, Android has long supported custom keyboards, but Apple is only adding them in iOS 8. The […]

Daily Update: Bitcoin Breached, China Cracks Down on iMessage, Tesla Opens Patents

Good morning, A big update today, so let’s get to it: Bitcoin Breached You may think that header is a bit sensational, but in my opinion it’s difficult to overstate the implications of recent Bitcoin developments. From ArsTechnica: For the first time in Bitcoin’s five-year history, a single entity has repeatedly provided more than half […]