Posting Schedule

Daily Updates + Weekly Articles are delivered between 5~7am Eastern time (10am~12pm UTC) Monday through Thursday (Tuesday-Friday during the summer).

  • Weekly Articles, which cover one topic and are free for all, are typically delivered earlier in the week (please note Weekly Articles occasionally arrive a few hours late)
  • Daily Updates cover between 1~3 timely topics a day, usually around a common theme, and are delivered on the remaining three weekdays

Holidays and Time Off

Stratechery does not publish on most U.S. and Taiwanese public holidays as defined by relevant public stock markets, for a combined one week in the summer, and one week in December. In addition, I have allocated myself up to eight personal days off in the event I am unable to publish (whether due to sickness, travel, family emergencies, etc.). I will also take up to twelve days of vacation.

The days Stratechery will not (or did not) publish in 2019 are as follows:

  • January 1 — New Year’s Day
  • January 2–3 — Vacation
  • January 21 — Martin Luther King Day (US)
  • February 4 — Chinese New Year (Taiwan)
  • February 18 — President’s Day (US)
  • March 18-21 — Vacation
  • April 1 — Personal Day
  • April 29 — Personal Day
  • May 27 — Memorial Day (US)
  • June 17-20 — Vacation

The Daily Update Switches to a Tuesday-Friday posting schedule on June 24

  • July 4-5 — Independence Day (US)

The Daily Update Returns to a Monday-Thursday posting schedule on July 22

  • August 12-15 — Summer Break
  • September 2 — Labor Day (US)
  • October 10 — National Day (Taiwan)
  • November 27–28 — Thanksgiving (US)
  • December 23–26 — Christmas
  • December 30-31 — New Year’s Eve

*Subject to Change

Thank you for your understanding and your support.

This schedule was updated on July 22, 2019