The Best Analogy for Chromebooks are iPads

In response to yesterday’s post about Chromebooks and the Cost of Complexity, Vance McAlister passed along this great post of his that nailed what is so appealing about ChromeOS: The true value in ChromeOS is what it DOESN’T have. Critics say “a Macbook or Windows laptop will give you the same Chrome browser, plus a […]

Jony Ive is not a Graphic Designer

Jony Ive, at a talk I was fortunate to attend a few years ago (sorry, no linkable write-up exists): One of the things that’s interesting about design [is that] there’s a danger, particularly in this industry, to focus on product attributes that are easy to talk about. You go back 10 years, and people wantedSubscribe […]

Battery Life is the Only Spec the Matters

Kyle Wagner: Battery isn’t some one-off feature. You don’t fritter entire train rides away worried that your phone doesn’t have diamond-cut chamfered edges, or which widgets you should have on your home screen. (Or if you do, that is very sad and you should stop.) Your night has never been ruined because your apps load […]