The End of Windows

The Windows division no longer exists at Microsoft, marking the end to a four-year process of changing Microsoft’s culture.

Microsoft’s Monopoly Hangover

There are striking similarities between Microsoft today and IBM in the Lou Gerstner era, but today’s IBM should be a warning to Redmond.

Google’s Earnings, Microsoft’s Earnings

Google’s earnings were fantastic, but I’m still not totally convinced about their shift to mobile. Microsoft’s were good as well, but what was under the surface was more important.

Microsoft Cloud Announcement, Cordova and Windows RT, Xbox Silliness

Good morning, I went deep on Apple’s (alleged) acquisition of Beats, yet in some ways, I’m not sure I went deep enough. One thing I was trying to capture is that there is a very benign explanation for this acquisition: Beats solves a lot of problems for Apple. And maybe that’s all it is. Still, […]

Daily Email (2014-04-22): Microsoft, Cloud Services, and Amazon

Good morning, I’m making good progress on finding a solution to making this content readable in RSS readers and web browsers for those of you who hate email. In the meantime, if you click the “Open in Browser” link at the top, you can not only read this content in a browser, but also subscribe […]