The Bill Gates Line

Understanding the differences between aggregators and platforms matters for companies interacting with them and also regulators considering antitrust.

Open, Closed, and Privacy

Just as encryption is only viable on closed systems, so it is that increased privacy regulations will only entrench walled gardens. That should affect thinking on regulation.

Ends, Means, and Antitrust

Google is a monopoly, and almost certainly a bad actor: shopping, though, is a terrible example that shows how regulators can go wrong.

The Brexit Possibility

Brexit’s downsides are clear; might tech help realize upsides in building something new based on a new world order?

Aggregation and the New Regulation

Because of the Internet realities described by Aggregation Theory a smaller number of companies hold an increasing amount of power. However, an increasing focus on market forces reduces the latitude for bad behavior, and the incentives — and means — to hold those companies to account are greater than ever.