Alexa and Cortana, Apple Moves Siri, Tim Cook’s Blindspot

Alexa and Cortana’s partnership makes sense when you consider the company’s business models, goals, and partnership impetus (and it shows why Apple and Google won’t come along). Then, why Siri’s reorganization won’t help much.

Amazon Echo Show, Siri Speaker, Echo Look

Echo Show is a naturally evolution of the Echo and Amazon’s goal to own the house. Siri speaker, meanwhile, is locked into iPhone thinking. Plus, the Echo Look’s focus on selfies highlights the decline in offline retail.

Apple and the Long Run, How Satya Nadella Killed Windows Phone

My recent pieces about Apple actually don’t have anything to do with Google I/O or WWDC; they are about structural challenges going forward. Then, Windows Phone is well and truly dead, and how Satya Nadella killed it shows how structural changes can be effective.

Apple’s Organizational Crossroads

A core part of what makes Apple Apple is its organization structure; Tim Cook has said it will never change. However, if Apple is serious about being a services company, change it must.