AWS re:Invent, re:Invent Announcements of Interest

AWS re:Invent keynote, with new CEO Adam Selipsky, charted a different path than that taken by Andy Jassy. Plus, the new announcements that caught my eye.

Nvidia’s GTC Keynote, The Nvidia Stack, The Omniverse

Nvidia’s can ship so many new things because it is building on a common foundation; then, Nvidia’s Omniverse gives another way of thinking about the Metaverse.

Adobe Max, Photoshop on the Web, Photoshop and NFTs

Adobe Max suggested that Adobe is finally starting to build its products as a service, not just selling them that way. Plus, Photoshop on the Web leans into Photoshop’s complexity, and Photoshop’s NFT authenticity feature is compelling.


Facebook’s reorganization into Meta is the ultimate bet on the power of founder control.

Microsoft’s Surface Event, Facebook CTO Changes

Microsoft’s Surface team is in full alignment with the company’s strategy; then, Facebook’s CTO change makes sense, plus a re-visit of Boz’s infamous memo.