Apple WWDC, M2, Additional Notes

Notes on WWDC, including the emergent AppleOS, M2 and speculation on M3, and the privacy shoe that didn’t drop

Daily Update: Apple TV Follow-up, Twitter COO Resigns

Good morning, Just two items today, but two biggies: a massive follow-up to my most recent article on Stratechery, as well as an overview of the Twitter mess. On to the updates: More on Apple TV and Consoles I wrote last week that it seemed few people knew that Computex is going on, which isSubscribe […]

How Apple TV Might Disrupt Microsoft and Sony

Beyond the fact most of us had nothing better to do in the 1980s, a big reason to own a gaming console was that they were a phenomenally good deal. In 1985 Nintendo introduced the Famicom to North America as the Nintendo Entertainment System for a mere $199, a remarkably low price considering the average […]

Black Box Strategy

With the announcement of the Amazon Fire TV and the leak of the alleged Android TV, all of the major players have (or soon will have) a TV offering. There’s been a lot of talk about how similar the products are, but those similarities are for good reason; what is more interesting to me are […]