SendGrid IPOs, The Nintendo Marios

SendGrid’s IPO exemplifies a company that works: a SaaS offering that enables, and grows alongside, its customer. Then, the differing results for Super Mario Run and Super Mario Galaxy show the value in maximizing revenue amongst core customers.

Activision Blizzard Buys King Digital, EA and the Disruption Narrative, Apple TV Gaming

Activision Blizzard is buying King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga; the mobile games maker is probably worth more to a company like Activision Blizzard than they are by themselves. Plus, both EA and Activision Blizzard beat earnings expectations — does that mean the gaming disruption narrative is wrong?

Daily Update: Nintendo to Build Smartphone Games

Good morning, There I was, working merrily on my promised Twitter/Meerkat piece, when truly shocking news came down the pipe. I got rather distracted by an event that perhaps isn’t that important big picture, but sure means a lot to the little boy in me. On to the update: Nintendo to Build Smartphone Games One […]