The Roblox Microverse

Roblox is something new and interesting that abstracts away the platforms underneath it.

Daily Update: Japan and the Distinction Between Consoles and Mobile Gaming, Gaming in China and Asia, Xbox China Launch Delayed

Good morning, Until a few months ago gaming in general was a bit of a blind spot for me, and I think was hardly alone in that among technology observers. Still, it always bothered me that, for example, Apple spent so much time on gaming in their keynotes, yet I simply spaced out. So, asReading […]

Microsoft’s Good (and Potentially Great) Minecraft Acquisition

It’s difficult to overstate what a big deal Minecraft is. It’s the third best-selling game of all time behind Tetris and Wii Sports, and unlike the latter especially, it is a remarkably sticky experience: the vast majority of customers (over 90 percent on PC, according to Microsoft) sign in every single month. Were Microsoft to […]

Games and Good Enough

Two months ago I wrote How Apple TV Might Disrupt Microsoft and Sony. Then, about a month later, I went and bought a Wii U. And, a month after that, I bought a 3DS. And now I’m writing another article about gaming, and I think I’ve changed my mind. Still, it’s always dangerous to write […]