Apple Loses E-books Appeal; Apple Music and Antitrust; Producers, Consumers, and Apple

Apple’s E-book case finally came to it’s likely end a few week’s ago; it’s worth reviewing what was at stake in light of recent news that Apple Music could face a similar investigation. Then, if Apple Music will do for musicians what the App Store did for developers, is that a good thing? Plus, why sites are bad and no one is at fault.

Daily Update: Remembering Microsoft’s Antitrust Trial, Microsoft and Yahoo Renegotiate Search Deal, Microsoft Partners with Cyanogen

Good morning, It’s a Microsoft heavy day, ranging from the (relatively speaking) distant past, the present, and perhaps the future. On to the update: Remembering Microsoft’s Antitrust Trial Not. My. Week. Yesterday I wrote that the Microsoft antitrust case was in 1998; wanting to be sure I checked Wikipedia which to my surprise said 2001. […]