Daily Update: The Smiling Curve Applied to Amazon-Hachette, How Important are the FCC’s Proposed TV Changes?, Facebook’s Earnings

Good morning, A quick announcement: as some of you may know, Glassboard, which we’ve been using for the Stratechery message board for Access members, is closing down. A couple of relevant notes: For new Access members, this is why you have not received an invite I am implementing a new solution There will be broad […]

The Net Neutrality Wake-up Call

Sometime in the summer of 2002, having just graduated from university and determined to change the world, I was driving home from Albert Lea, Minnesota formulating my resignation letter. After graduating I had, rather naively I suppose, assumed that politics was the best means to effect the change I desired, and so had taken a […]

Daily Update: Pinterest Promoted Pins, ISPs and Net Neutrality, The Right to Be Forgotten

Good morning, There will be some big news on Stratechery about what I’m doing with podcasts, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, to the update: Pinterest Launches Promoted Pins From Techcrunch: Last fall, Pinterest announced it would begin experimenting with advertisements on its service in the form of “Promoted Pins,” which […]

Daily Update: Net Neutrality, Google+, Amazon Earnings Follow-up

Good morning, A few site updates: For access members, I invited everyone who had updated their profile to confirm that they wanted Glassboard access to the private Glassboard. If you haven’t gotten an invitation, please double-check your profile; I’ll do another import later today. I’ve manually gone through the member lists to make sure everyone […]

Netflix and Net Neutrality

For anyone remotely connected to technology, the idea that net neutrality is an unabashed good seems incontrovertible, and one of the most popular examples of why it matters is Netflix. Consumers get a video competitor to their cable provider over said cable provider’s pipes; surely the end of net neutrality would mean the end of […]