The Bill Gates Line

Understanding the differences between aggregators and platforms matters for companies interacting with them and also regulators considering antitrust.

Pro-Neutrality, Anti-Title II

Any regulation, including those around net neutrality, should be put to a cost-benefit analysis. In this case regulation advocates come up short.

Aggregation and Antitrust, BuzzFeed Makes News, BuzzFeed’s Valuation in Perspective

The differing approaches to antitrust in the U.S. and Europe could mean completely different outcomes in the long run for aggregation companies. Meanwhile, BuzzFeed has raised a new round and seems to be doing better than ever, which is great news for journalism. Plus, how to think about startup valuations.

Daily Update: Google, Intel, and TAG Heuer Announce Partnership; FTC Staff Recommended Suing Google for Antitrust Violations

Good morning, Look for the next episode of Exponent later today. It’s about advice and life and all sorts of other squishy stuff I’m probably sorely unqualified to discuss. Perhaps that will make it interesting. On to the update: Google, Intel, and TAG Heuer Announce Partnership From Bloomberg: Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer is creating a […]