Six Deaths in King County, U.S. Mistakes, Paywalls and Pandemics

The situation in the U.S., particularly in the Seattle area, is likely worse than it appears; Microsoft and Amazon should take action. Then, the U.S. needs to rely on the private sector, and publishers need to remember why people pay.

COVID-19 Cancellations; Apple, China, and Data; What We (Might) Know

Tech companies are starting to cancel event and unnecessary travel as the coronavirus starts to spread in the United States and Europe. This is the correct decision, even if most economic activity should probably carry on.

Amazon Health

Amazon Health doesn’t seem like much now, but there are hints it could be the ultimate application of Aggregation Theory.

The Brexit Possibility

Brexit’s downsides are clear; might tech help realize upsides in building something new based on a new world order?

A Politics For Technology

Technology is changing the world, which means politics should change as well. There is a way forward that entails less regulation and a much bigger safety net.

Don’t Blame Uber

At the risk of painting too broad a stroke, it seems to me that much of the opposition to changes wrought by the Internet undervalue the positive impact said changes have on normal people. For example, people despair over newspapers closing without appreciating the explosion in quality content freely available to anyone anywhere in the […]