Amazon Just Walk Out, Waymo Raises $2.25 Billion

Amazon Go is licensing its technology, contrary to my previous prediction. Then Waymo is taking on outside investors which should result in a needed shift in incentives.

The Value Chain Constraint

Companies succeed or fail not based on technology but rather according to their ability to integrate within their value chains.

Amazon Go and the Future

Amazon Go exemplifies how Amazon is building its monopoly in three ways: horizontally, vertically, and financially. Plus, why automation is worth being optimistic about.

Amazon’s New Customer

The key to understanding Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods is to understand that Amazon didn’t buy a retailer: the company bought a customer.

Daily Update: LINE Launches Grocery Services, Google Versus Uber?

Good morning, Thank you all for your patience yesterday in my ongoing litigation of the viability of blogs-as-a-business. Do note that I edited the piece a fair bit; the current version on Stratechery is a bit shorter and bit fairer to Vox (no poop references). As I’ve written, I’m cheering for all of the newSubscribe […]