Twitter Suspends Accounts Over GIFs, SnapChat Shuts Down Snap Channel, More on Moments

Twitter suspended a couple of accounts for tweeting sports highlights GIFs. First a bit about the issue at hand, and then a bigger picture look at what this says about Moments, if anything. Then, Snapchat is getting out of original programming, which is a great sign. Finally, what the future of Moments should look like.

Daily Update: The Aereo Case, Searching Phones Requires a Warrant, GoPro’s Successful IPO

Good morning, Yesterday I posted my promised piece about Android Wear specifically and contextual computing broadly (I’m a bit skeptical of both). Check it out here: Economic Power in the Age of Abundance. On to today’s update: The Aereo Case The Supreme Court decided against Aereo, a startup that offered a service which transmitted over-the-airSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Google v Oracle, Mobile Gaming and Gambling, Third-Party Mobile Platforms

Good morning, I’m still thinking a lot about the Apple Beats deal, and plan on a post later today, so keep your eyes out. It’s really one of the more fascinating deals we’ve seen since, well, Facebook and Google buying Occular and Nest, respectively, but with Apple everything is magnified. In the meantime, a longerSubscribe […]