In Defense of Markets, The Qualcomm Mess, Uber and de Blasio

I think that the stock market tends to get a bad rap amongst tech pundits and executives; in fact, it is a critical part of how new companies defeat incumbents. Still, sometimes markets get it wrong and I think that is the case with Qualcomm. Plus, what Uber’s episode with New York City mayor Bill de Blasio suggests about politics and Aggregation Theory.

Daily Update: FiftyThree and the App Store, Three Notes on China

Good morning, Surprise! Today’s update is not late. It’s also not my weekly article, as planned – that should be coming tomorrow. In addition, I’ll be off for Chinese New Year on Thursday and Friday. On to the update: FiftyThree and the App Store FiftyThree, a startup based in New York, is particularly important toReading […]

Daily Update: Felix Salmon Thinks Journalism is a Bad Idea, Qualcomm’s China Settlement, AMC Added to Sling TV

Good morning, I apologize that today’s Daily Update is so late; I had problems with my CMS, which, if you squint, are quite ironic given today’s topic. Anyhow, on to a bit of political philosophy this morning; I hope you don’t mind. On to the update: Felix Salmon Thinks Journalism is a Bad Idea Here’sReading […]

Daily Update: The Silver Lining in Sony and Target, Iowa Launches Smartphone Driver’s License, Xiaomi Banned in India

Good morning, There have been some really great discussions on the Stratechery Forum over the last week. If you haven’t stopped by, do check it out. Please note, if you have login issues, make sure you use your member name, not email address on the login page. I’m hoping to address some of the siteReading […]

Daily Update: Qualcomm’s Challenges, Uber’s Potential

Good morning, A quick update about the transition to a single membership level: Monthly Access members ($30/month) have all been transitioned to a standard Daily Update subscription ($10/month). I have prorated your payment and applied credit to future billings. If you would prefer a refund (the amounts will range from $1 to $20), please contactReading […]

Daily Update: Google Launches Android One in India, Good News on Patents, Apple’s Payment Strategy

Good morning, I hope you had a pleasant and relaxing weekend! Google launched Android One this week, and there are more rumors that Microsoft will indeed buy Mojang. More on that if it happens. On to the update: Google Launches Android One in India Google first announced Android One at this year’s Google I/O, promisingReading […]

Daily Update: Bitcoin Breached, China Cracks Down on iMessage, Tesla Opens Patents

Good morning, A big update today, so let’s get to it: Bitcoin Breached You may think that header is a bit sensational, but in my opinion it’s difficult to overstate the implications of recent Bitcoin developments. From ArsTechnica: For the first time in Bitcoin’s five-year history, a single entity has repeatedly provided more than halfReading […]

Daily Update: Prices IPO, Google’s SEC Letter, Patent Reform Dies

Good morning, My Surface piece got pushed to today, so keep an eye out for that later. On to today’s update: Prices IPO While tons of attention has been paid to Alibaba’s forthcoming IPO,, China’s 2nd-largest e-commerce company, has flown under the radar. From the BBC: Chinese online retailer has raised $1.8bnReading […]

Daily Update: Google v Oracle, Mobile Gaming and Gambling, Third-Party Mobile Platforms

Good morning, I’m still thinking a lot about the Apple Beats deal, and plan on a post later today, so keep your eyes out. It’s really one of the more fascinating deals we’ve seen since, well, Facebook and Google buying Occular and Nest, respectively, but with Apple everything is magnified. In the meantime, a longerReading […]