The End of Windows

The Windows division no longer exists at Microsoft, marking the end to a four-year process of changing Microsoft’s culture.

The Best Twitter Day Ever, The End of Windows Phone

Something amazing happened on Twitter that really highlighted how unique the service is. It also showed how many product holes remain. Then, Satya Nadella does what needed to be done. That doesn’t make it any less impressive.

Daily Update: Net Neutrality!, Microsoft is Seizing Their Mobile Opportunity

Good morning, One company I haven’t written about in a while is Twitter. This despite a torrent of news stories and new releases over the past week especially. On one hand, all of the news, particularly around new products, is good to see. On the other hand, it all feels a bit…staged. Consider this Steven […]

Daily Update: .NET and Microsoft’s Mobile Opportunity, New Relic Files for IPO, GitHub Enterprise 2.0

Good morning, Thank you to everyone for the kind words after yesterday’s announcement about Stratechery’s success-to-date (check out that post for an expanded version of what I wrote yesterday). As I intimated yesterday, I don’t plan on talking much more about this; I just want to think about and write interesting stuff, and I’m really […]

When CEOs Matter

Sometime in 2012, during the runup to Windows 8, I was on a call with a Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelist (DPE) strategizing how we would approach a particular partner.1 I asked his opinion of a specific feature in this partner’s iPad app, and was shocked at his response: “I don’t own an iPad, and […]

Microsoft’s Mobile Muddle

Saying “Microsoft missed mobile” is a bit unfair; Windows Mobile came out way back in 2000, and the whole reason Google bought Android was the fear that Microsoft would dominate mobile the way they dominated the PC era. It turned out, though, that mobile devices, with their focus on touch, simplified interfaces, and ARM foundation, […]

HTC’s – and Windows Phone’s – Missing Market

According to Digitimes, HTC won’t use the top-of-the-line Qualcomm processor in their new phablet: HTC reportedly will adopt an old Qualcomm processor, the quad-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ 8064, for production of its first large-size HTC One Max to be launched in October 2013, according to sources in the supply chain. Some sources said […]

Another Nokia Explanation; The Same Tragic Conclusion

While I remain convinced that Microsoft’s Nokia acquisition was largely driven by fear of losing Nokia as an OEM, either to Android or bankruptcy, there is something else curious about the timing. (The following scenario is conjecture, but not the analysis that follows) ValueAct, who is opposed to Microsoft’s push into devices, was dissuaded from […]