Atlassian Files for IPO, Square Prices IPO Below Last Round

Atlassian is a very remarkable company, particularly from a financial perspective. In fact, they may be so unique that they are one of a kind — and that has risks. Plus, most folks are drawing the wrong lessons from Square’s IPO pricing.

Venture Capital Follow-up, Square Files for IPO, Concerns About Theranos

A follow-up and some much needed specificity to yesterday’s Venture Capital article, then why Square’s IPO may be a better opportunity than it first appears. Plus, there’s concerning news about Theranos, a company with significant potential.

The AWS Platform, The Liability Shift Has Arrived, Samsung Pay Launches in the U.S.

With all the talk of platforms I’d be remiss in discussing what may be the most vibrant platform of all: AWS. Then, the liability shift arrives today, and a surprising number of merchants aren’t ready. Maybe Samsung Pay had the right strategy after all…or maybe not.