Android > Chrome, LinkedIn’s Business Model Beats

Android is reportedly going to subsume Chrome OS; I’m bummed but it’s probably the right decision (and no, that doesn’t mean iOS and OS X will merge). Plus, LinkedIn had another strong quarter, and their smart business model deserves the credit. Is there a lesson for Twitter and other consumer companies?

Daily Update: Apple and Disruption, Chromebooks Surpass iPads, Chromecast Surpasses Apple TV

Good morning, A short update today, followed by a request for feedback. On to the update: Apple and Disruption There is a new piece on Stratechery called Best. In summary: Low-end modular-based disruption is real, but it can be forestalled if the integrated incumbent can consistently deliver a superior user experience (i.e. be the “best”)Subscribe […]

Daily Update: China Approves the iPhone, Photoshop on Chromebooks, Technology = Tobacco

Good morning, False alarm about the Ello post; hopefully it will go up today instead. On to the update: China Approves the iPhone From Reuters: The iPhone 6 will be sold in China from Oct 17, after rigorous regulator scrutiny led to Apple Inc reassuring the Chinese government that the smartphones did not have securitySubscribe […]

Daily Update: Twitter is Great for Unprofitable News, Microsoft’s Chromebook Response, Google to Offer Accounts to Children

Good morning, To be perfectly frank, it’s quite difficult to focus on writing these updates; mid-day here is midnight in Ferguson, and Twitter is incredibly compelling. So we’ll start there. On to the update. Twitter is Great for Unprofitable News Mathew Ingram wrote an article exploring why the news in Ferguson is being experienced soSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Google I/O – Analysis on Every Announcement

Good morning, It’s the day after the Google I/O keynote, and I believe the actual presentation has concluded but I really should check to make sure… In all seriousness, this year’s presentation was actually shorter than last year’s, but no less ambitious. Like I did after WWDC, I’m going to spend this update running throughSubscribe […]

Chromebooks and the Cost of Complexity

While there is a question of degree, it seems quite certain that Chromebooks had a pretty good 2013. Many are attributing this to price – most Chromebooks cost $300 or less – and they’re almost certainly right. It seems like yet another case of disruption: a cheaper, inferior product enters the market against a competitor […]

Review: Chromebook

After reading this piece by Matt Baxter-Reynolds praising the Chromebook, I bought one just to give it a try. And now, with today’s announcement of the Chromebook Pixel, it’s past time I share my thoughts on the platform. To be perfectly honest…I love it. Hardware I am using the Samsung 11.6″ Wifi model, which has […]