Apple’s Social Network

Apple’s decision to stop reporting unit sales is defensible; the company, though, should provide more data to support its new growth story.

Slack and the Macintosh, Microsoft Teams, Slack’s Ad

Slack made Microsoft’s Teams announcement much more exciting with a taunting ad in the New York Times, an echo of Apple’s ad welcoming IBM to the PC. That may not be the precedent that Slack wants.

Stop Doubting the iPhone, The Macintosh Company

There have always been iPhone bears, but the latest set seems to be ignoring reality. Plus, the amazing success of the Mac and what that means for the iPhone.

The General-Purpose iPad and the Specialist Mac

I’ve written previously that the iPad was helping to unbundle the general-purpose PC: The iPad and the Disaggregation of Computing The Humpty Dumpty PC The (Alleged) 13-Inch iPad and the Triumph of Thin Clients From the Humpty Dumpty PC: The iPad and other appliance-like devices have actually had the opposite effect [as compared to the […]