Stratechery and Thanksgiving

An update on Stratechery and why I’m particularly thankful this Thanksgiving.

Passport Update, F8 Refresh, Trump Ends Blog

F8 was all about developers, and there is reason to believe that Facebook is serious about building a real platform, particularly on messaging.


Announcing Passport, the new infrastructure supporting Stratechery.

An Interview with Google CEO Sundar Pichai

A discussion with Google CEO Sundar Pichai about Google as answering machine, its deals with publishers, privacy, and productivity.

Market-Making on the Internet

More and more opportunities on the web come from market marking, not for advertisers, but for real goods and services paid for with real money.

Facebook’s Audio Announcements, Facebook and Creators

Facebook made a host of “coming soon” announcements around audio, and laid out a compelling vision for creators that is limited by Facebook’s fundamental nature.