Daily Update: Peak Google and Disruption’s Cousins, Twitter Fabric, Mark Zuckerberg 講中文

Good morning, I have to admit, after writing yesterday’s posts on IBM and Google, and recording an episode of Exponent earlier today (it will be posted tomorrow), I’m a bit zonked. Let me get a cup of coffee… OK, I’m back. On to the update: Peak Google and Disruption’s Cousins I posted a piece lateSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Google Blocked in China, WeChat Ecommerce, LINE IPO?

Good afternoon, I finally posted the WWDC piece I mentioned yesterday: Growing Apple at WWDC. While the number of updates were pretty incredible, I think they mostly fit into a coherent growth strategy. Check it out. I apologize again that today’s update is a little later (tomorrow’s probably will be as well). I’m very muchSubscribe […]