Olympics Ratings, P&G and Olympics Advertising, Total Audience Advertising

Olympic Ratings are down, but less than expected! Unfortunately for NBC, so is revenue. That, though, is expected: sports and its advertisers remain interconnected. Then, at least NBC finally figured out how to manage multiple mediums.

Sports and TV Follow-up, Intel Licenses ARM IP

First, why I don’t think sports is a bubble, then, Intel finally gives in to reality and licenses ARM IP, a necessary step in becoming a foundry-for-hire.

The Sports Linchpin

Ratings are down for the Olympics, which could be bad news not only for TV but industries everywhere.

Ballmer’s Bad Bundle Economics, Netflix Loses Epix Movie Deal

The Daily Update is back with a renewed focus on streaming, bundling, and over-the-top offerings. First up is an analysis of Steve Ballmer’s rumored plans to launch an over-the-top network for Clippers games, and more broadly, a discussion about why bundling works. Then, Netflix loses movies, but it’s the content companies that are losing more from a lack of alignment.

Why Disney and ESPN Will Be OK

An increasing number of questions are being raised about the future of the pay-TV bundle, and of ESPN. The former may indeed be doomed, but that doesn’t mean the latter is in as much trouble as people think: after all, Disney is the master of differentiated content.