Daily Update: Google, Intel, and TAG Heuer Announce Partnership; FTC Staff Recommended Suing Google for Antitrust Violations

Good morning, Look for the next episode of Exponent later today. It’s about advice and life and all sorts of other squishy stuff I’m probably sorely unqualified to discuss. Perhaps that will make it interesting. On to the update: Google, Intel, and TAG Heuer Announce Partnership From Bloomberg: Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer is creating aSubscribe […]

Additional Thoughts on iWatch and Android Wear

A few points of follow-up on last week’s piece Android Where?: So What About iWatch? I only mentioned the iWatch tangentially in last week’s piece, which is just as well, for it gives me an opportunity to link favorably to this piece on Techpinions by industry veteran Tim Bajarin about the (alleged) iWatch: I actually […]

Android Where?

There is no questioning the scope of Google’s ambitions. Consider the fact that yesterday’s two-and-a-half hour keynote was shorter than the 2013 version, and that the two keynotes had almost zero overlap! While last year Google spent a lot of time both enhancing the Android development environment and Google+, this year was about extending Android […]