Unintended Consequences

Most tech was made with good intentions; only later do the unintended consequences become clear. Trustworthy Networking The problems Facebook are facing today are the result of running into the future without considering unintended consequences, much like Microsoft and the Internet. There are clear solutions for the ad problem, but the filter bubble issue is […]

The Post-War Order

The Internet is fundamentally challenging the post-war order. Friction The Internet has removed friction: that means a whole new set of possibilities; it doesn’t mean they are all good. TV Advertising’s Surprising Strength — And Inevitable Fall TV advertising is having a good week at the upfronts, and it may be more resilient than expected. […]

Ethics and Mores

Ethical dilemmas and changing societal mores China, Leverage, and Values If there is a new tech cold war, it is one with shots fired over a decade ago, largely by China. The questions going forward are about both leverage and values. The Uber Dilemma Benchmark’s lawsuit against Uber is extraordinary; that is because Uber, despite […]


The endgame for Aggregation Theory is inevitably antitrust. United States v. Google The Justice Department’s lawsuit against Google is appropriately narrow, and if it fails it gives a template for Congressional action. Antitrust Politics Analyzing the politics of the antitrust hearing featuring the CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. A Framework for Regulating Competition […]


Tech is increasingly impacting politics; it is only a matter of time before politics starts impacting tech. The Voters Decide An apolitical analysis of what is happening in U.S. politics through the lens of Aggregation Theory. Tech Goes to Washington Facebook, Google, and Twitter testified before a Senate committee: it provided evidence of how tech […]


Friction A Technical Glitch Why Twitter Must Be Saved See All


The Internet generally and the business models of consumer tech companies specifically mean that the default outcome is the end of privacy. Privacy Labels and Lookalike Audiences Apple’s position on privacy seems unimpeachable, but it ignores trade-offs, and risks a bad outcome for the Internet as a whole. Privacy Fundamentalism The current privacy debate is […]