Three things irk me about “disruption” as it’s used in technology: New products that do what existing products do, but (theoretically) better, are not disruptive. They are “sustaining.” Instagram Video is not disrupting Vine. It’s competing with it. The misplaced obsession with low-end disruption, which, as I argued last week, doesn’t apply nearly as strongly […]

An Interview with Eric Jackson at Forbes

Eric Jackson recently interviewed me for his column at Forbes. I’m cross-posting here my answers to the tech industry related questions. Check out the full interview to read more about me personally and the background of stratechery. Q: Where is Apple at right now as a company in this post-Steve Jobs period? A: I think, […]

What Clayton Christensen Got Wrong

There’s no question Clayton Christensen, who developed the theory of disruption, is Silicon Valley’s favorite business school professor. For me, diving deep into his thinking in a corporate innovation class was a breath of fresh air from management theory that explained all of corporate America but for its most successful company – Apple. It’s Apple, […]

The $550 iPhone 5C makes perfect sense

I can sympathize with the inability of many folks to grok exactly what Apple is thinking with iPhone 5C pricing. I myself was confused until just before launch, when I wrote Thinking about iPhone Pricing and honed in on the idea of “good-enough.” In the case of the iPhone, the 3G was clearly better than […]

HTC’s – and Windows Phone’s – Missing Market

According to Digitimes, HTC won’t use the top-of-the-line Qualcomm processor in their new phablet: HTC reportedly will adopt an old Qualcomm processor, the quad-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ 8064, for production of its first large-size HTC One Max to be launched in October 2013, according to sources in the supply chain. Some sources said […]

There Are Two Twitters; Only One is Worth Investing In

There are two Twitters. One is for special occasions only, while I am obsessed with the other. The ultimate value of the Twitter stock (TWTR?) is fully dependent on which of these two Twitters is on offer. Twitter #1: What’s Happening? The first version of Twitter isn’t hard to find: Welcome to Twitter. Find out […]

Two minutes, fifty-six seconds

After endless dithering, that’s how long it took me to know the iPhone 5C would cost $549. It was at two minutes, fifty-six seconds1 that Tim Cook said there would be a video – a video! – about the iTunes Festival. And it was awesome. In case you didn’t watch the whole video (and you […]