Another Nokia Explanation; The Same Tragic Conclusion

While I remain convinced that Microsoft’s Nokia acquisition was largely driven by fear of losing Nokia as an OEM, either to Android or bankruptcy, there is something else curious about the timing. (The following scenario is conjecture, but not the analysis that follows) ValueAct, who is opposed to Microsoft’s push into devices, was dissuaded from […]

Podcast: Microsoft’s mobile dilemma

I joined Rene Ritchie on his Vector Podcast to discuss Microsoft, Nokia, Apple, IBM, Samsung and more. Literally the minute we hung up, news broke that Microsoft was acquiring Nokia, so we jumped back on for a few more minutes of instant-analysis. Rene was a great interviewer (even if he let me ramble!), and I […]

The Deal That Makes No Sense

Early this morning Microsoft acquired Nokia for €3.79 billion (plus €1.65 billion for patents). It is a deal that makes no sense. While industry observers love to pontificate about mergers and acquisitions, the reality is that most ideas are value-destroying. It is far better to form an alliance or partnership; most of the benefits, none […]

If Apple is Disrupted, Will We Blame Tim Cook?

I’m not predicting the following will happen, but I’m also not saying it won’t.1 September 18, 2018, Beijing, China – In a development few could have foreseen even five years ago, it’s Beijing and its global icon Xiaomi that is the star of September, the role formerly filled by the increasingly irrelevant Apple. At 10AM […]

Motivation and Marx

On this (US) Labor Day weekend, I’m thinking about motivation, and the role it plays in creating great products that consumers love. It seems patently obvious that products created for love or passion are superior than those created for money or fear, yet the compensation model used in most of business hews much more closely […]