Podcast: Vector – Missing the iPad Magic

I once again joined Rene Ritchie on the excellent Vector Podcast to discuss my recent series of article on the iPad. You can find the podcast here.

Over the last week, I’ve written a three-part series on Apple’s recent iPad announcement, and the reasons why it left me just a bit cold.

If you at all enjoyed those pieces or found them compelling, then I would highly encourage you to give this a listen. I both touched on these articles, and also expanded on several points, and, I must admit, I was pretty worked up while doing so. Moreover, there is a lot of my personal philosophy when it comes to computing and technology wrapped up in what I have to say, so please, check it out.

One thing in particular I want to call out is apps: I feel like I could totally write yet another article about apps and the iPad, but I think I’ve beaten the topic to death at this point. It’s worth noting though that my vision of the iPad is by definition a huge opportunity for app developers. The opportunity for iPad apps is limited only by a developers ability to perceive new opportunities unlocked by an entirely new device.

Anyhow, I cover this and more in the podcast, so download it now.