The Humpty Dumpty PC

This has been making the rounds on Twitter (the picture was first posted on the Facebook page of W&CIE):

The iPhone is everything you need in a highly mobile package
The iPhone is everything you need in a highly mobile package

It’s a powerful image, and accurate.

Interestingly, though, the iPad and other appliance-like devices have actually had the opposite effect on non-mobile-phone computing. Many of the activities one used to do on a general-purpose personal computer are now done on machines better suited to the task at hand.

Being mobile doesn't matter; a superior experience does
Being mobile doesn’t matter; a superior experience does

This is my personal setup. I still have a laptop, but the only thing I use it for is photo editing. I read long-form on a Kindle; use Twitter, play games, and draw on the iPad;1 write on a Pixel (I’m a believer); and watch movies from iTunes and Netflix on an AppleTV. Each of these products has competitors (Nook, Android, Xbox), but all are simple, always up-to-date, and maintenance-free.

As I wrote in The iPad and the Disaggregation of Computing,

The divergent effects of the iPhone and iPad make total sense when looked at from a human-centered perspective. The phone is often the only device you have when out-and-about, so the more capable the better; the iPad is usually used when stationary, when it’s more conceivable to have multiple devices at hand. In fact, while my Mini is perfect for reading, a larger iPad would be nice for the graphics I make for this blog. And, if one has a choice, why wouldn’t one want to use the best possible tool for the job?

This has massive strategic implications. More on Adobe tomorrow.

  1. Ironically enough, today’s is the first drawing that I didn’t do electronically